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Our Clients

Organizations in a wide range of sectors have been relying on 2WA for years to help them successfully implement change. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve done:

Why our clients love to work with us

Experience: 2WA has had extensive experience in organizational development in both the public and private sector in a wide variety of industries including technology, healthcare, government and manufacturing.  This includes development of strategic plans, leadership training, coaching of leaders and assistance to help teams to change the culture of their company.  

The principals of 2WA Consulting have the ability to draw on their own personal extensive business expertise as well as the vast knowledge they have gained in their 21 years of Organizational Development Consulting.  Their ability to draw on this knowledge pool makes them instantly credible to those they work with.

Approach: 2WA customizes each and every engagement to suit our clients’ specific needs.  

Communication & Working Style: 2WA’s clients describe us as strong communicators, incredibly perceptive, skilled at uncovering and leveraging people’s strengths, and straight forward.  

Results focused: Outputs from 2WA’s training engagements are clear, actionable ideas that people leave determined to try in the workplace.  2WA lives in the world of action, rather than theory and our clients can clearly identify and articulate the results achieved through our work together.

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